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Nillkin Fast Charge USB Charger White OnePlus
OPPRO Docking Black OnePlus One / X Micro USB
Multiline 3-Port USB Charger 3.1A
Multiline Aux Cable 1.5m Red
Nillkin PowerShare Car Charger Fast Charge 3.0 USB OnePlus
Nillkin Plus III Type C / Micro USB Cable Gray
Multiline Dual Power Auto Charger 2.4A White
Multiline USB 3.1 Type C Cable 2m Gray - Copy
Nillkin Micro USB Cable White OnePlus One / X
Multiline 2-Port USB Charger 2.4A
Multiline Aux Cable 1.5m Black

One OnePlus cables and chargers

Are you looking for a charger for your OnePlus One, then you have OnePlus-Shop.nl to the right place. We offer a full range of chargers, car chargers, docking stations and power banks, especially for OnePlus One. Our accessories are available from stock and are available at the lowest prices. If you order before 17.00, you have the accessories even the next day. We also do not charge postage.

OnePlus One charger

The OnePlus One comes standard with a micro USB cable to charge the device. Yet it may be useful to have an extra charger on hand, for example for use in the office or in the bedroom. OnePlus-Shop.nl delivers micro USB cables in various colors, with a cable length of 120 cm !. Our Nillkin micro USB chargers are also easy to roll up, leaving a knot in the cord are history.

OnePlus One car charger

If you're often traveling by car, ours are OnePlus One car charger is the ideal solution. With our car chargers you'll never be without power while driving. Our car chargers are available in three different colors (black, white and red) and feature a dual USB input. Ideal for example, simultaneously when the passenger wants to use the charger.

OnePlus Docking Station and Power Bank

With our special docking station , your OnePlus One will get a special place on your dresser or desk. Always a good view of your screen and your phone within easy reach. You can even OnePlus One including Backcase in the docking station locations. The special Power Bank you'll never run out of power and you always have a "wireless charger" within reach.

Order our OnePlus accessories for the best price. Ordered before 17:00, is tomorrow at home! Do you have questions about our accessories, please feel free to contact us. Our support team is happy to help.